Markus Hoffman - Fly Tying and Beyond

Art flies

The realistic mosquito is tied on a size 18 hook 11 mm long. Antennas are Emu herl. Eyes are burned nylon thread and the wings are from Reel wings. Legs and the proboscis are made of stripped mallard cdc down. Each leg is stripped and measured before it is coloured and bent in each joint. The body is made of a stripped peacock quill wich is covered with a thin layer of Deer Creek uv fine resin. One mosquito takes about two hours. After inserting the fly in a 35x15 mm glass bottle i put the lable on it. The lable has burned edges , each one made by me.

All prices are based on the time a fly takes to tie. A mosquito or mayfly in a glass bottle takes me about two hours to make, and costs 500 sek wich is about 78 usd Please contact me with your special requests, and we can discuss the price on your flies.

If there is a special insect you wish me to tie, please mail me a picture and if possible, i will make a realistic fly for you! All realistic flies will be put in a glass bottle and labled with insect name, my name and year. It makes the perfect present for the hardcore flyfisher, or as a lucky charm for you. All flies will be tied after your special needs, and therefor you must allow some time before you get it in the mailbox. I work alone, and makes absolutely every step in the making of your flies.

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