Markus Hoffman - Fly Tying and Beyond

WoodsTorrt gives you the opportunity to tie flies with some of the worlds greatest fly tiers. Here you can learn from the best and take your passion to new heights. All accompanied by Great food and a lovely atmosphere. The participants are divided in to groups and sorted by fast tiers, not so fast tiers, and slow tiers, all to make the tying sessions go smooth. The group sits with one of the teachers for a period of time and change tables through out the event. Each day will also give you some quality fishing time. This goes on for 84 hours starting wednesday at 18.00 ending Sunday at 12.00. The equipment required are Vise, bobbin, lamp, bodkin, twister, hair stacker and scissors. All the fly material including hooks are provided by the teachers. Breakfast, lunch and supper are included in the price. Wine, beer and non alcoholic drinks are being sold in "The dry bar" at very low cost. The fly tying takes place in the Rena cafe and restaurant. Please take a look at the Youtube movie filmed at the first WoodsTorrt, link below. This will give you an idea of what this epic event is all about. For more information, see the event in the menu to the right.If you have questions please contact me on facebook or via mail.

Tight Lines!


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