Markus Hoffman - Fly Tying and Beyond

WoodsTorrt 6 - Legends

27 september 18:00 to 1 oktober 12:00

Take your tying to new levels. Trevor Jones, Pål Krogvold, Marc Petitjean and Barry Ord Clarke will show you their best tips to you up close and personal. On top of that you will be treated with world class food and a big chance to upgrade your grayling and trout record.

Tickets will be released 2017 05 27 20.00 and will cost you 2500nok.
This includes all tying material, food, fishing permits and room.
20 Seats are available, when all seats has been filled there will be a standby list.

And, for the first time ever, the event is taking place in Rena Norway!
Link to facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1499183116799127/


Participating Guest:
  1. Jan Johannessen
  2. Jörgen Holt
  3. Martin Lennebring
  4. Christer Öberg
  5. Per-Ola Bladh
  6. Magnus Karlsson
  7. Thomas Andersson
  8. Tommy Lövgren
  9. Michael Blomkvist
  10. Johan Magnusson
  11. Daniel Lungberg
  12. Per Hansson
  13. Jörgen Anttila
  14. Catarina Karlsson
  15. Joacim Höijer
  16. Niklas Viklund
  17. Matthias Lagerqvist
  18. Pontus Larsryd
  19. Roger Josefsen
  20. Roger Asplund

Stand By List:
  1. Enrico Fantasia
  2. ...
  3. ...

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